Other Crimes

Other Crimes is a Brooklyn band focused around the enchanting vocals of Dalila Pasotti, a Turin-bred, New York-based journalist, designer, and chanteuse. Guitarist Darren O'Brien, bassist Esko Põldvere, and drummer Nicholas Ray work up a sometimes evil, sometimes dreamy brew of bewitchingly dark post-punk like something you'd imagine if Nico fronted the Bad Seeds.

Illustration by Erina Dempsey

Photo by Andrzej Liguz

Other Crimes recently appeared on The B-Sides on 91.5fm WNYE. Watch the videos below and download the podcast here.

Other Crimes - "Her Wish" Live at WNYE Studios Brooklyn

Other Crimes - "Wanderlust" Live at WNYE Studios Brooklyn

Other Crimes - "Birds" Live at Glasslands Gallery 7/13/10

Other Crimes - "Blows" Live at Zebulon 6/25/10

Other Crimes - "Untitled" Live at Glasslands Gallery  3/23/10


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